My music

To listen to my music and to look at the scores at the same time   > please click … Music in the text below. To get an idea may I advise you to listen to: numbers 5, 9 C and B, 12 E and D, 10 or 13 A and C. Apart from the 3 concert recordings ( Conc. record. , see 11, 12 D and 13 A) all sounds are electronic.

  1. – “Triptiek” (Triptych): for flute, 2 clarinets and timpani.
    .. A) Distressed landscape … Music  >>  Conc. record.   >>  PDF
    .. B) Repeated andantino …. Music  >> PDF
    .. C) Allegretto giocoso …… Music  >>  PDF
  2. – “Als een dronkenmans lied” (Like a drunkard’s song): for flute, 2 clarinets (Bb), bassoon, percussion. … Music  >>  PDF
  3. – “Een hut in den hoge” (A high up shelter): music for violoncello solo (after a poem by Saint John of the Cross) performed on 25 September 1993 by Therese Amstrom. … Music >>  Conc. record. >>  PDF
  4. – “En Pepijn danst” (And Pierrot is dancing): Music for wind quintet performed on May 7 2009 at Culemborg. … Music  >>  PDF
  5. – “Three divertimenti”: for 9 instruments, percussion and double-bass (flute, 2 clarinets (Bb), alto sax, bassoon, F horn, trumpet (Bb), percussion (big drum and 2 timpani), double-bass.
    .. A) Gebroken lijnen (Broken lines)…………. Music  >>  PDF
    .. B) Een straatdeuntje (A village tune)…….. Music  >>  PDF
    .. C) Marktdag (Market day) …………………. Music  >>  PDF
  6. Three songs for childrens choir and piano for Hein Franssen and his Koorklas Culemborg (KKC) on poems by Willem Wilmink, Harriët Laurey and Marjolein Kool. April 2018.
    .. 01) “Je weet zo weinig van zo’n paard” ( ), W. Wilmink …………………. Music  >>   PDF
    .. 02) “Wie vroeger vier jaar oud was” (), M. Kool. …………………………. Music  >>  PDF
    .. 03) “De laatste trein”  (The last train), H. Laurey. ……………………….. Music  >>  PDF
  7. Cantata Prodigal Son (De verloren zoon) for tenor, bariton and clarinet solo, mixed choir, guitar, piano and chamber orchestra. Libretto: Andries Govaart. June 2016.
    Englishunionjack01 Score — sounds —
    01 Proloog. Groot feest in de hemel. Prologue. Great feast in heaven PDF Digital Life
    02 Dit huis valt uit elkaar This house is falling together PDF Digital Life
    03 Vader ik heb hier niets te zoeken Father, there is nothing here for me PDF Digital Life
    04 Kom, ik geef je wat je toekomt I’ ll give you what you deserve PDF Digital Life
    05 Hij had zoveel willen bouwen He wanted to build so many things PDF Digital Life
    06 Huis, onbehagen Home without comfort PDF Digital Life
    07 Kom laat het geld maar kwistig Let the money roll generously PDF Digital Life
    08 Er is geen mais, geen brood There is no corn, no bread PDF Digital Life
    09 Gelukkig de mens die inzicht Blessed is the man who got wisdom PDF Digital Life
    10 Wat doe ik hier, ver weg van huis What am I doing here PDF Digital Life
    11 Vreugde om wie dwaalt Joy for he who goes astray PDF Digital Life
    12 Mijn vader, ik sta op en ga My father, I ‘ll wake up and go PDF Digital Life
    13 Toen jij was afgereisd When you was departed PDF Digital Life
    14 Zie ik je daar verschijnen Look, you are appearing PDF Digital Life
    15 Ik heb gezondigd I was a sinner PDF Digital Life
    16 De mooiste jas The most beautiful coat PDF Digital Life
    17 Het dagje wel This miserable day PDF Digital Life
    18 Uw broer leeft Your brother is a live PDF Digital Life
    19 We hebben niet/ Ik naar binnen We have not / I won’t enter PDF Digital Life
    20 Mijn jong, het klopt My boy, that’s right PDF Digital Life
    21 Had jij die weg ook willen gaan? Did you too wanted to go that way PDF Digital Life
    22 Epiloog, Groot feest in de hemel Epilogue. Great feast in heaven PDF Digital Life
  8. Music for choir (with accompagnion):
    ..03) “Now is the time” for 3 female voices and violoncello. Written for the funeral of Elzemarieke Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Januari 14th, 2016 on a poem of Hafiz. ………………….. Music  >> Conc. record  >>  PDF music >>   PDF cello part
  9. Music for brass:
    .. 01) “The house facing the south” (Huis op het zuiden) for trumpet soloist Anita van Soest .. Music  >> Conc. record  >>   PDF
    .. 02) “Brass duet of Den Dolder” (Dolders koperduet) for trumpet and trombone …………… Music  >>  PDF
    .. 03) “Waltz of the swan” (Zwanenwals) for trumpet and trombone ……………………………. Music  >>  PDF
  10. – “Two Animals songs”. Two songs of number 18, Fossiles and The Swan, arranged for soprano, clarinet (Bb), viola, double bass and piano. For Animal day October 4th 2015.
    Music: Fossiles  >>  PDF Fossiles    ………..     Music: The Swan  >>  PDF The Swan
  11. “Three poems”:
    .. 01) Corbino (Poem by Ingmar Heytze)………………………………….. Music  >>  PDF
    .. 02) Stil ogenblik (Silent moment) (Poem by Gerrit Achterberg) ……. Music  >>  PDF
    .. 03) De daggelder (The day labourer) (Poem by Gerrit Achterberg)… Music  >>  PDF
  12. Three Christmas songs (2014) for double choir and piano /or female choir S.Ms.A. (or soloists), mixed choir and piano:  
    A) “Now let us sing”
     for S.Ms.A. solist (or female choir), mixed choir and piano. Poem: Francis R. Havergal. ….Music  >>  PDF
    B) “That yongë child”  for 5 part choir (S.Ms.A.T.B) or two mixed choirs and piano. Poem: Anonimus. ………….Music  >>  PDF
    C) “He came to tell”  for small female choir (or S,Ms,A solists) mixed choir (S A T B) and piano. Poem: Frances R. Havergal. ……..Music  >>  PDF
  13. JONA-cantate“: cantata for tenor and bariton solists, female choir (S.Ms.A), reciter, childrens choir, mixed choir, small orchestra, 6 part recorder choir, clarinet soloist and piano according to the book Jona (Old Testament). Libretto: René van Loenen.
    English Score — sounds —
    01 Proloog. Prologue PDF Digital Life
    02 Jona, sta op! Jona, wake up! PDF Digital Life
    03 Kijk, daar gaat Jona. Look, Jona is leaving PDF Digital Life
    04 Tussen de ribben … Between the ribs PDF Digital Life
    05 Wat, lig jij hier te slapen! What, are you sleeping now? PDF Digital Life
    06 Koortsachtig overleg (….) PDF Digital Life
    07 Terwijl de mannen While the men PDF Digital Life
    08 Ik zal er zijn I will be there PDF Digital Life
    09 Uit het rijk van de dood From the realms of dead PDF Digital Life
    10 Eenmaal door het monster Once vomit out PDF Digital Life
    11 Jona, duif! Jona, dove! PDF Digital Life
    12 Jona gaat naar Ninevé Jona is going to Ninevé PDF Digital Life
    13 Geen bakker die nog brood No baker will bake bread PDF Digital Life
    14 Steeds achtervolgt ons Allways this past is persecuting us PDF Digital Life
    15 Mijn God, trap er niet in! My God, please don’t be mislead PDF Digital Life
    16 Jona, hoe durf je Jona, how dare you? PDF Digital Life
    17 Als Jona Ninevé verlaten heeft. When Jona had left Ninevé PDF Digital Life
    18 God, laat mij sterven. God, please, let me die PDF Digital Life
    19 Dat je zo kwaad bent! That you are so furious PDF Digital Life
    20 Niets heeft die boom Nothing has that tree PDF Digital Life
    21 Epiloog Epilogue PDF Digital Life
  14. -A) “Kyrië / Nu zijt wellekome”: composition based on a Christmas song for audiences, female choir (S,A), mixed choir and piano. En
    -B) “Herders hij is geboren”: (also a composition on a Christmas song) for audiences, children’s choir, female choir (S,A), mixed choir, guitar, percussion and piano.
    -C) “Noël des enfants qui n’ont plus de maisons”: arrangement for mixed choir and piano (orig.: Claude Debussy for soprano and piano. All Christmas songs written for Hein Franssen for the concert of the Culemborgs kamerkoor (Chamber choir) and the Children’s choir Culemborg on 22/12/2013, Grote or Barbarakerk (church) at Culemborg.
    A) Music: Kyrië/Nu zijt wellekome  >>  PDF Full score  >> PDF small female choir
    B) Music: Herders, Hij is geboren   >>  PDF Full score   >> PDF small female choir
    C) Music: Noël des enfants         >>  PDF Noël des enfants (Full score)
  15. – “Promenade nr 1, 2 en 3 for Memento”: some short musical pieces (duration 1’30”) for brass and drum for the celebration of Memento at the Plantagehof, Culemborg (November 9th, 2013).
    Music: Promenade nr1  >>  PDF nr1 // Music: Promenade nr2  >>  PDF nr2 // Music: Promenade nr3  >>  PDF nr3
  16. – “Dierenliederen” (Animal songs): music for children’s choir (poems by Ivo de Wijs) written for Hein Franssen and his Koorklas Culemborg (KKC). The first pdf-file concerns is a version for childeren’s choir (sometimes clarinet) and piano.
    The second pdf is a version for children’s choir and chamber orchestra. You can combine these Animal songs with the “Carnaval des Animaux” of Saint Saëns: the different parts are played before the part of Saint Saëns with the same name. The instrumentation of the Animal songs is nearly the same as in Carnaval des Animaux, except there is only one piano and no harmonium.

    Childrens choir English Music + + piano + orchestra
    01 De leeuw The Lion Sounds PDF PDF
    02 Kippen Chickens Sounds PDF PDF
    03 Halfezels Half donkeys Sounds PDF PDF
    04 De schildpad The tortoise Sounds PDF PDF
    05 De olifant The elephant Sounds PDF PDF
    06 De langoren The long ears Sounds PDF
    07 De koekoek The cuckoo Sounds PDF PDF
    08 De volière The aviary Sounds PDF
    09 Fossielen Fossiles Sounds PDF PDF
    10 De zwaan The swan Sounds PDF
    11 Finale Finale Sounds PDF PDF
  17. – “Het geheim van de Waterlinie” (The secret of the Waterlinie): music for a play in 10 parts (script: Kees van der Zwaard) for 2 sopranos, 2 clarinets (Bes), bassoon, trumpet (Bes), alto sax, trombone en percussion. See elswhere on my homepage (Movie: premiere of “De Waterlinie”) a short tv movie (please start watching it after the 15th second).
    .. A) In Holland staat een fort (In Holland there is a fort)… Music  >> PDF
    .. B) Labadi labada … Music  >>  PDF
    .. C) De Wielewaal (The oriole)…Music  >>  PDF
    .. D) De Zilvervloot (The Silver Fleet)… Music  >>  PDF
  18. – “Tre pezzi per pianoforte” (Three pieces for piano): piano solo for Theo Saris.
    .. A) Aprire gli occhi sul nuovo giorno (Opening the eyes while the new day in coming) … Music  >> PDF
    .. B) Progetti e sogni (Making plans and dreaming)… Music >>  PDF
    .. C) Congedo o ritorno (Leaving and returning): for piano solo … Music >> PDF
  19. – “Een meisje op de dijk” (A girl on the dike):  voor fluit en fagot  >> Music  >> PDF
  20. – “De kleinste vrede” (The smallest freedom): for choir (SSATB) and piano. Based on a poem by Leo Vroman.
  21. – “Die dag in mei” (That day in May): a cantata (18 parts) for soprano, children choir, mixed choir (SATB), small orchestra, organ, declamation and dance. Writing for the 5th May 2010 Liberation Day and performed at Culemborg by the Culemborgs Kamerkoor (Chamber choir) conductor: Hein Franssen. Soprano: Irene Verburg. Duration: 75 min.
    .. A) “Komt een duif van honderd pond” (A pigeon of a hundred pounds is coming): for choir, alto recorder, guitar. Or for: choir and small orchestra. Based on a poem by Leo Vroman. … Music  >>  PDF
    .. B) “Het carillon” (The carillon): for choir, small orchestra and piano. Based on a poem by Ida Gerhardt. … Music  >>  PDF
    .. C) “De laatste brief” (The last letter): for choir, small orchestra and piano. Based on a poem by Bertus Aafjes. … Music  >>  PDF
    .. D) “De vrijheid in smetteloos wit” (Freedom in taintless white): for choir, small orchestra and piano. … Music  >> Conc. record. >>  PDF
    .. E) “Zo brak de dageraad der vrijheid aan” (And so the dawn of freedom was breaking): for choir, alto recorder, guitar and piano. … Music  >>  PDF
  22. – “De barmhartige Samaritaan” (The good Samaritan): cantata for tenor and bariton, choir (3 (solo)women voices (SSA), 2 pianos. Performed September 2004 in the Grote or Barbara kerk (church) at Culemborg, Holland. Conductor Jeroen van Veen.
  23. – “Cyrano”: Music for the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” (arrang. according to Rostand) (2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets (Bb), alto sax, bassoon, trumpet (Bb), double-bass, piano and percussion) in 14 parts. Duration: 40 min.
    .. A) “Ochtenddans” (Morning dance)… Music  >>  PDF
    .. B) “Dans van de thuiskomst van de soldaten” (Soldiers coming home: a dance) … Music  >>  PDF
    .. C) “De Quiche verontschuldigt zich” (De Quiche, making excuses)… Music  >>  PDF
    .. D) “Desolatiana” (Desolation) … Music  >>  PDF
  24. – “Job”: music for soprano, 3 part choir (S, A, B), piano and percussion for a play according to the book of Job (Old Testament). May 1997, conductor: Theo Saris. Duration: 25 min.
    .. “Mijn liefste, mijn bruidegom” (My love, my bridegroom) … Music  >> PDF
  25. – “Opstand in Sobibor” (Revolt in Sobibor): music for the play “Revolt in Sobibor” for 13 wind instruments, percussion and double-bass. Seven parts. Duration: 24 min.
    .. “Prelude” ………………….. Music  >> PDF
    .. “De bittere waarheid” …… Music  >> PDF
  26. – “Talisman”: for 2 flutes, oboe, English horn and double-bass. Duration: 4 min.
  27. – “De dageraad der vrijheid” (Daybreak of liberty): a symphonic cantata (organisatie: Dora Lamboo). Duration: 66 min.
  28. – “Carmen”: for 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets (Bb), bassoon and piano. Music for a play according to the book “Carmen” of Prosper Mérimee.
    .. A) “Een hond en een wolf”(A dog and a wolf) … Music  >>  PDF
    .. B) “Filerende vrouwen” (Filleting women) … Music  >>  PDF


You can download the scores (pdf files) without costs but please inform us in time: 0031(0)345518591 or 0031(0)686104293. Thank you.

Here I want to thank to Marinus Kasbergen, lecturer in musical analysis at the Conservatory of Brabant (Tilburg, Holland) for his lessons and support. Wil Speth who showed me the richness of the sound of the recorder and pianist Theo Saris for his encouragement and initiatives to perform my music.