He was born on Curaçao, a Dutch Caribean island (27-12-1947). In 1966 he went to Tilburg, Holland, to study painting and history of art. In the mean time he studied musical theory, analysis and orchestration at the Conservatory of Brabant (with Marinus Kasbergen) and later at the Conservatory of Utrecht. He attended several summercourses on choral conducting in The Hague, Holland, and Boston, USA. He was a teacher in painting and history of art on Curaçao (1973 till 1978, Pedagogische Academie, Scharloo) and Mijdrecht, Holland (1979 till 2010, Veenlanden college), and was a conductor of an amateur symphony orchestra and several choirs in the Betuwe, Holland (Toonkunst koor Zaltbommel), and the Fortem choir on Curacao. For the orchestra he made several arrangements.

On the 5th of May 2010 the Culemborgs kamerkoor (Chamber choir of Culemborg, the Netherlands) performed his symphonic cantata “That day in May”. He had lessons in composition with Daan Manneke, Carlos Michans, Caroline Ansink and composed chamber music and music for theatrical plays. For his compositions: please see “My music” on the home page. In June 2012 the “Geheim van de Waterlinie” (Secret of the waterlinie), a play written by Kees van der Zwaard for the opening of the Spoel (an outdoor theater near Culemborg, Holland) was performed. On October the 4th his Animal songs for childern’s choir and chamber orchestra were performed at The Fransche School (theater) at Culemborg.
He lives in Culemborg and is a member of “Kleurig” (Colourful), a group of painters at his home town.


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